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Heritage Welsummer

The Welsummer is a beautiful breed from Holland famous for its deep reddish brown egg color, many of our eggs also have deep brown speckles! Chicks can be sexed at hatch, because females will have a deep brown eye strip while the males are will have all the same marking but lighter and "blurry" in appearance. 


They are good layers (180/yr) of medium eggs. Hens are a nicely proportioned partridge pattern, while males are the stereotypical vision people have of roosters (they’re the rooster portrayed on the cornflakes box, and their colors are stunning.) Welsummers are good foragers meaning you'll save on feed if you allow them to range freely! Welsummers are very calm, friendly and docile birds that fit in egg-ceptionally well to urban and rural backyard flocks. They don’t mind being handled by their chicken keepers, and are happy to be kept in a run enclosure area if you can’t let them free range.

SOLD OUT for 2019

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