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We raise pigs ethically, humanely and naturally on pasture to create the best tasing, quality pork. ​

At Far Far Away Farms we do not believe in the large scale commercial farming standards. Our pigs free-range on our pasture right here in Allentown, NJ. They are not, and do not need to be medicated or pumped with hormones or fillers. Our animals feed off our land and live free, as nature intended.

Visit our Where to Buy page for pricing and how & where to purchase.

Our pigs are farrowed (born) on pasture and live their ENTIRE lives on the pasture.  It’s ethical, humane and you CAN taste the difference. 

Our pasture-raised pork is a favorite of our customers.  Our pigs live out on pasture for their entire stay here.  They are moved to fresh pasture regularly so they stay clean and healthy. Their feed is free of antibiotics and they are not crowded in small pens. In fact, the pigs receive no antibiotics, hormones, or artificial supplements over their lifetime.

Pasture raising adds real value to the meat. A pastured pig is always on fresh grass doing what God intended them to do; root, dig, and run. This definitely improves the quality of the meat and the quality of the animal's life. In a barn, pigs must be fed all their vitamin's and minerals. A pasture raised hog can root and dig to find its own minerals.


We have a small farm stand with choice cuts available (please check our Facebook page or  Where to Buy. for more information).   Also available by appointment anytime!  


For larger items (like big hams or orders over $100) please contact us and we will make arrangements to meet you at the farm at your convenience.  We process our pasture raised pigs several times per year & frequently get new inventory.

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