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Croad Langshan

This rare & endangered breed originates in China; currently listed on the “watch” list on the 

These majestic birds are large in body with a unique body shape and feather legs. Males reach up to 9.5lbs and females weigh around 7lbs. Their tight black feathering has a eye catching beetle-green sheen. Like most Heritage breeds they can be slow to mature hens beginning to lay around 24 weeks, laying 150/yr medium brown eggs that can occasionally present a pink or purple bloom! 

Friendly, curious, chatty and gentle personalities make adding this unique and elegant breed exceptional for any backyard flock.


  • $20 for Chicks (price increases with age)

  • Sold as "Straight Run" (unsexed)

  • Unwanted males maybe returned to the farm.  Because these are sold as straight run there is no credit for returning males.

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