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Crested Cream Legbar


Cream Legbars are the most popular auto-sexing chicken breed in the world. Our breeders are directly from the Jill Reese Line at Greenfire Farms, who originally imported these birds directly from Britain. This particular line of  CCL consistently win top honors at major UK poultry shows including taking 1st and 2nd place at National Poultry Show of Great Britain (2016). 

From the moment these chickens hatch they can be sexed because female chicks have a dark brown stripe, whereas the male chicks have a much paler and less distinct brown stripe with a white spot on the head. Adult hens are small bodied with its spiky feather crest and it’s penchant for laying vast quantities (200+/yr) of sky-blue eggs. They are chatty, active and very curious breed that is cold hardly and very gentle. The perfect rare, show-quality breed for any backyard flock!

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