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Meet the Gentle Giants of the chicken world! Head-to-toe feathers and sweet personalities will bring delight to chicken enthusiasts everywhere. 

The Cochin appears as a mass of soft, fluffy feathers, beak to toes almost literally! The legs and outer toes should be fully feathered so that seen from the side you cannot see toes – only feathers.The fullness of the feathering gives them the appearance of being much larger than they actually are. Still they are quite hefty when full grown- where males can reach up to 12lbs and females around 8lbs. 

Being the big fluff balls that they are they are a cold-hardy breed that may require a little extra attention in the warm months. They also are winter layers, and you can expect 180-200 tan/cream eggs per year. Hens also are know to make great mothers, and can go broody.


We offer Black, Blue and Splash Cochins, and adorable add to any flock!

Pullets SOLD OUT for 2019

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