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2020 prices


Taking orders now for delivery in June, July & August 2020!


Whole Pig, $975*:
The price for a whole pig is about $975 based on $4.94/lb with a “hanging weight”** of ~160lbs plus $195 for processing for a total yield price of $6.10/lb with a typical yield of ~115lbs of classic cuts (loin, chops, hams, bacon, sausage, etc.) and about 35lbs of oddments such as bones, tail, head, fat, etc.


With the whole and half pigs we can cut to your specs following the Order Form or you can just let us know you would like standard cuts and choose what sausages you would like if any.


A whole pig is about 4.5 cubic-feet*** of pork depending on packing and choices.



Half Pig, $560:

The price for a half pig is $560 for ~80lbs, $6.49/lb, (about two cubic-feet*** of pork), with a typical yield of ~ 57lbs of classic cuts (loin, chops, hams, bacon, sausage, etc.) and about 17lbs of oddments such as bones, tail, fat, etc. We recommend finding a friend to share a single whole pig order with to get the best price – there is a big savings between whole and half pig pricing per pound. You submit one cut sheet and get a big savings when you share. Use the Order Form to order.


*The Price of your pig will be "hanging weight" (aka "processed weight") multiplied by the price per lb. plus the processing fee.  Fees will vary with the amount of meat you have smoked vs. fresh, if you chose to have vacuum sealed, amount of sausage, etc.


**Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after slaughter and evisceration.  We're a small farm that pasture raises it meat.  Pigs vary in size and cutting choices will change yield.  The prices above reflect estimated of weights, you will only be charged the actual weight.

***For reference, a milk crate is one cubic-foot.


Occasionally a pig hangs a bit smaller and we add from other pigs to bring the weight up. If you specifically want a smaller pig, let us know. If you would like a larger pig, let us know too. Special orders don’t upset us!


We will have retail cuts such as bacon, chops, hams, loins, etc. (meaning you won't have to buy a whole or 1/2) at the farm stand and by appointment, click here for details.

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