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Black Australorp


While the Black Australorp is fairly common in US, it has become a family favorite here at Far Far Away Farms. The black coloring is stunning in the light, with a shimmering beetle-green sheen!  Beauty is not all these amazing hens possess, an Australorp hen holds the record for the most eggs laid by a chicken – one hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days! 


These chickens are a very gentle-natured, docile breed that become attached to their owners as much as you will to them! They are extremely calm and are a delight in any urban or acreage backyard – they are also great for families with children, because they are so tame. 


If you want a Pure Bred, gorgeous, docile, high production layer look no further!!



  • $8 for Chicks (price increases with age)

  • Sold as "Straight Run" (unsexed)

  • Unwanted males maybe returned to the farm.  Because these are sold as straight run there is no credit for returning males.

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