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American Bresse

Bresse originating in France, have claim to the Best -Tasting Chicken title. Not as rapid growing as the traditional broiler, but a fast growing large-breasted breed. To achieve the “best-tasting” this breed should be raised in the french style: on pasture, and finished with organic grains and dairy. By raising American Bresse in the French tradition you too can be a part of this revolutionary shift toward growing your own food!


Here at Far Far Away Farms we see this breed more toward dual-purpose. While their appearance is unobtrusive: plain white feathers, bright red combs, blue slate legs, their personalities are some of the best. Social and curious, the roosters amongst the friendliest breeds we have! The hens make great mothers and are prone toward broodiness, and we allow our hens to raise a clutch of chicks as nature intended.  Hens will lay small/medium cream colored eggs, up to 250 per year!

Wether you’d like to just add a friendly, interesting hen to your flock; or would like to give a try to raising your own meat this breed has a purpose for all!

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