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A small, family farm providing local, affordable truly free ranged pork, poultry, eggs, honey as well as rare breeds chicks/pullets. 


Far Far Away Farms was established in 2016, but had been a family dream for a long time. Our family strives to raise the best quality poultry, chicks, pigs, and bees to provide your family with the absolute best tasting and ethically raised eggs, poultry, pork, and honey.


At Far Far Away Farms we do not believe in large scale, commercial farming. ALL of our animals are raised on pasture at our farm right here in Allentown, NJ.  Our animals are not medicated or filled with hormones and fillers, they feed off our land and live on pasture, just as nature intended.   


Tina and Brian Clayton (along with their two children ages three & five) run the farm with a lot of help from the extended family.